Join our Mommy and Me Qur’an Camp!


Our Mommy & Me Qur’an Camp is loved by our young participants! During these sessions, which involve a variety of activities, open play, and educational units, children will interact with other young Muslims and learn Qur’an and Arabic in a fun, educational, and hands-on environment!

Registration link is below!

Frequently Asked Questions:

When are sessions held? Sessions are held on Saturdays from 10-11:30 AM. The fall unit will run from October 5 to December 21, with November 30 off. The final day (December 21) will be a fun day at an offsite location.

What is the fee? The fee for the 10-week unit (and final fun day during week 11) is $150. This covers registration, instruction, and materials. The students engage in a wide variety of activities and crafts during the classes.

Is there a discount for two or more children? The fee for an additional child is only $50 for the whole unit!

Is there a discount for those who cannot pay the full fee? Yes! Discounts and fee waivers are available for families who cannot pay the full fee. We encourage you to email We’d love to have you!

It’s called Mommy & Me. Can dads join? Absolutely!! Mommy & Me sounds a lot cuter than Parent & Me. But dads are certainly welcome!

How are the classes formatted? The classes are formatted to foster love for and positive association with the Qur’an in our young ones. Classes typically begin with open play, followed by a group du’a. Afterwards, children participate in a Qur’an lesson for about 20-25 minutes (they have short attention spans and a need to stay active, so we don’t want to wear them out!). Following the Qur’an lesson, they engage in an organized craft or activity, which varies weekly. Finally, the students engage in a group Arabic lesson that takes a different theme each week (for example, fruits, animals, etc.) and also takes a fun and interactive format. Parents alternate weekly to provide group snacks (a sign-up sheet will be distributed to all parents).

My child is under 2/over 5. Can s/he still join? We know students vary significantly and many students who are under 2 or over 5 would still benefit from and enjoy the lessons. Students of these age groups are welcome to join if this is the right setting for them.

Can I try out the class before committing to the full unit? Certainly! Please fill out the registration form, but skip the payment section. After coming, you can determine whether it’s the right fit for you, and you can pay by cash or check if you wish to join.

Can I pay by cash or check? Yes! Just skip the payment section in the sign-up sheet and bring cash or check with you on the first day.

The unit has already begun. Can I still sign up? Yes. Please register and skip the payment section. We will revise your fees accordingly.

I cannot make all the dates in the unit. Will my fee be prorated? Unfortunately, we cannot adjust the fee for days missed. If you do not want to commit to the full unit, you can pay a $20 drop-in fee for each day you attend. The drop-in fee for two children is $25.

Where are sessions held? Sessions are held in a classroom at City of Knowledge, 3285 N. Garey Ave., Pomona, CA 91767.

Is this open to children who are not City of Knowledge students? Absolutely! all are welcome.

How do you communicate with parents whose children are registered? Once you register, you will be added to our WhatsApp group for this class, where you will receive class communications and where parents share photos.

Do you have Qur’an classes for older children? Only as part of our school curriculum, for those registered in our full-time school. In addition to Qur’an and Arabic classes which are held for students daily, we have an “I Love Qur’an” Memorization Club which meets at 7:30 AM and is led by our beloved Mommy & Me teacher.

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