City of Knowledge has proudly graduated over 200 high school seniors. 100% of our alumni have matriculated to college, and 100% have completed or are on their way to completing college. Our graduates are regularly accepted into and have graduated from the nation’s best universities including all the UCs, USC, the Cal State Universities, Claremont Colleges, and more. Students who were educated for most or all of their lives have been accepted into Columbia, Yale, Stanford, Pomona College, and MIT. Those who have completed their education serve in a variety of fields in the public and private sectors. We work hard to instill values of compassion, service, humility, and God consciousness in our students, and we see these efforts manifest themselves in many of our alumni, who continue to serve their communities and our school well past graduation. Most importantly, the Islamic environment and teachings provided in City of Knowledge enable our students to develop understanding and confidence in their faith during their formative years, and to continue their educations and careers as proud and knowledgeable Muslims.

Our alums maintain an alumni association, through which they assist and volunteer at the school in various capacities including mentoring students, coaching students through college applications/admissions, raising funds, and engaging in various special events.

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If you would like to learn more about the school, and want to contact members of our alumni association to inquire about their experience at the school, their transition or path to college, their educational/career trajectory, or anything else, you may also email them at  

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