City of Knowledge

a college preparatory pre-k - 12th grade islamic school in pomona, california.


Our Mission

Is to create an environment in which the intellectual and spiritual principles of human beings blossom. We wish to nourish a garden of children who grow into responsible, knowledgeable adults, who then use their knowledge to positively impact a world where justice, service, and responsibility prevail.


Our Vision

Inspired by the teachings of the Holy Qur'an, and the tradition of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and Ahlul-Bayt (as), we will continually strive to deliver the highest quality academic education within the most ethical and moral Islamic atmosphere.

Our Philosophy

“Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.” -Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

We firmly believe that education is an ongoing process that takes a multitude of forms, both within and outside the classroom. We realize that children of the same chronological age vary greatly developmentally, and that is important to teach skills that are appropriate for the developmental level of each child. We strive to maintain an educational program that encourages experimentation, communication, problem-solving, exploration, critical thinking, discovery, discussion, growth, and social skills, with an emphasis on Islamic principles. We believe that these values as instilled through positive peer and adult interaction will allow children to develop a positive self-image, a thirst for education, and a love for their faith.

Our Impact



college matriculation

All of our graduating seniors go to college, and the majority attend competitive 4-year universities.



Years Serving the community

City of Knowledge has been educating, nurturing, challenging, and empowering young people since 1994.



awarded in financial aid

City of Knowledge has transformed the lives of many individuals through its generous financial aid program, based on the philosophy that no child should be denied a quality education in a nurturing environment based on finances.


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