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    School Calendar 2013-2014
  • Graduation!


    Published May 2, 2013 at 4:09 pm - No Comments It is that time of the year again, Graduation time is near and the students and faculty at the City of Knowledge school invite you to come and celebrate Graduation with them on Saturday Math 25th!


Principal’s Message

Dr. Haleema Shaikley, Principal

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Assalaam Alaikum! It gives me great honor to welcome you to the City of Knowledge Islamic School! Before the school opened in 1994, all we had was an idea for an Islamic school in the Los Angeles area and a sincere commitment to actualize that vision. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the City of Knowledge community, we are making our vision to “nourish a garden of children who grow into responsible, knowledgeable adults,” a reality. There are many components that make City of Knowledge the exceptionally unique school that it is. Some of the most important components are:

  • Students. We are proud to say that City of Knowledge is really blessed with a highly intelligent, hardworking, and a diverse student body. Our students belong to almost thirty nationalities and come from differing socioeconomic levels, schools of thought, and even religions. Now they go to school with one another, side by side, in harmony, love, and respect.
  • Parents. We are so grateful to Allah (swt) for the supportive parents that we are blessed with. Their support to the school is unconditional and is the main reason for the rapid success that our students achieve.
  • Alumni. The outcome of any organization could be used as a very significant indicator the quality of that organization. City of Knowledge Alumni have succeeded by all measures and in all aspects. They are actively involved and pay back to the school.
  • Religious program. Our students enjoy a rich religious education accompanied by several plays and community programs throughout the year. They benefit from the many scholars who visit the school and give inspiring speeches and seminars.
  • Character development. Living the Honor Code of the school is one of the core priorities of the school. The school implements Character Counts Program to further reinforce our stated values.
  • Curriculum. The school doesn’t only have all standard-based and UC-Approved courses, but it goes beyond that to provide all the AP courses our students ask for.
  • Community. We are blessed with a very dedicated, diverse, and supportive body of stakeholders who work as a cohesive team to achieve the school’s stated mission and vision.
  • Faculty. The school has a highly qualified and dedicated team of teachers and support staff who work closely together to deliver a rigorous curriculum and support system for students.
  • Student support. Iqra club, one-on-one tutoring, college counseling, study groups, and internet based tutoring are a few of the extra support our students receive at the school
  • Campus. Our 4-acre facility receives maintenance and upgrading all year round. Our maintenance team members work non-stop to provide a beautiful, safe, clean, and inviting facility. Additionally, we have a full-functioning, all-zabiha cafeteria.
  • Open door policy. We pride ourselves to serve you at any time and by any means convenient to our stakeholders.

We are proud to serve our community as the only full-time pre-K through 12th Islamic School in California. Located in the city of Pomona, City of Knowledge is within a reasonable commute for cities in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Inland Empire. City of Knowledge Islamic School provides a home away from home for the students and a great resource for the Muslim and non-Muslim communities. In May 2001, Joanna Corman wrote a detailed article about the school for the Los Angeles Times. The research-based article revealed how the City of Knowledge improved the local area around the school including appearance, businesses, apartment dwelling, and crime rate. We have been continuing on the same path with even more rigor and emphasis to establish a wide base of networking and provide the necessary information about Islam to the larger community.

We thank you for visiting our web page and invite you to visit the school, be involved, and ask any questions you may have. Your children are your most important investment therefore we urge you to get the answers for all your questions from the right source: the school.

Jazakum Allah Khair,
Dr. Haleema Shaikley