We are our community.

Here’s what our alums and parents have to say about us.


“The atmosphere is unparalleled.”

There’s plenty to say about City of Knowledge’s academics. The atmosphere, however, is unparalleled because it provided a safe space where I could just be me. As a parent now, I couldn’t ask for anything better for my children.

— Soha Y, CKS 2001; UCLA 2005 (BA, Study of Religion); Claremont Graduate University 2012 (MA, Islamic Studies)



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“I was given the tools necessary to succeed.”

City of Knowledge changed my life for the better forever. At CKS, I developed my closest friendships and was given the tools necessary to succeed academically and socially. My success in pharmacy has been due in large part to the foundation instilled in me by CKS through its focus on moral and ethical standards and its emphasis on hard work and discipline, all rooted in the teachings of the Ahlul Bayt (as). I will be forever grateful to CKS for providing me a home and a family that I can always return to.

— Neda N, CKS 2007, Cal Poly Pomona 2012 (BA, Biotechnology & Chemistry), UCSF 2017 (PharmD), PGY1 Residency 2019 (focus: oncology, solid organ transplant, HIV)


“Individualized academic attention.”

City of Knowledge is not only where I made lifelong Muslim friends, but I also received individualized attention from dedicated staff. I’m thankful my parents sent me to CKS from pre-school through senior year. I developed critical academic and Islamic values that I will hold forever. It was a great time, and I definitely miss the pep rallies, festivals, and fun!

— Zeena C, CKS 2017; Cal Poly Pomona 2021 (BA, Psychology)

“Impacted our lifestyle and behavior.”

City of Knowledge has been nothing short of a blessing for me and my family since we discovered it when I was in middle school. The school impacted our lifestyle and behavior in such a positive way, it will always have a special place in our hearts. I plan to send my children there one day as I hope they can become alumni of such a beautiful institution!

— Zeinab M (year)


“Leaders go to City of Knowledge.”

Students go to school. Leaders go to City of Knowledge.

— Mostafa A, CKS 2017; UC Riverside 2021 (BS, Neuroscience)

“It taught me to be proud of who I am.”

City of Knowledge was not just a house of education for me. It taught me to be proud of who I am and what I believe in, and the importance of sharing it with the world.

— Nala K, CKS 2016; University of La Verne 2020 (BS, Biology)


“Everyone who graduates from CKS is successful.”

Only Allah (swt) can describe how grateful I am for the school in every aspect—religion, academics, environment, community. My daughters, niece and nephew all graduated from CKS and all have been successful in their higher education, attending UCLA and USC. Everyone who graduates from CKS is successful, mashaAllah! CKS has given me peace of mind with my children, and after being part of the community for 20 years, I look forward to sending my grandchildren there!

Faduma A, Parent YEARS