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We take students from pre-school to college!


At City of Knowledge, we aim to cultivate future leaders, scholars and intellectuals. We prepare our students for competitive universities and lucrative careers, all while being driven by principle, integrity, and social responsibility.
We are dedicated to rigorous academics. In addition to a competitive academic curriculum, we offer daily courses in Quran, Ethics, and Arabic. We are also sensitive to the needs of our EL community and help develop English for those with alternative native tongues. 

City of Knowledge has maintained accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) since 2001. Each cycle, City of Knowledge has received the full 6-year accreditation. 


Primary and Middle School

Our students are taught to be engaged and inquisitive participants in their own education. We integrate the curriculum throughout each day and across subject areas, encouraging students to make connections, develop critical thinking skills, and flourish from insights gained in the classroom. We ensure that the academic program is balanced with the social and emotional growth of each student, and that each student's needs and talents are recognized and addressed. And we integrate Islamic concepts--from the tenets of the faith, to values such as empathy, compassion, and respect--throughout their curriculum.

Our teachers are familiar with, trained on, and regularly updated on Common Core standards. They also receive regular workshops to stay abreast of the most current developments in classroom management. 



High School

We have proudly graduated over 250 students, who have all moved on to and graduated from (or are on the path to graduate from) college. Our faculty-student ratio allows us to provide individual attention to students and countless opportunities for independent leadership, writing, and student-organized discussion groups. All of our high school course offerings are UC-approved. We also offer a vast range of AP and Honors courses for our high school students.  Our teachers challenge our students daily, and instill in them the importance of rising to the occasion, being eager not only to learn, but to apply what they learn into their daily lives. Most importantly, we instill in our students the importance of maintaining service to God and to others as the top priority and motivation for success.