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Mehdi Baig, Class of 2009

Mehdi Baig, Class of 2009. Currently attending UC Berkeley.
“It gives me great pleasure to say that I graduated from City of Knowledge. This school gave me the essential tools to walk into Berkeley and become part of the top tier of my class. This school is the only place where you will find the help and attention for all your needs. Being able to call your teacher or getting a reply within one night is a simple luxury I appreciated. I am proud to have graduated from City of Knowledge. Good luck to the next graduating class!”

Zayneb Shaikley, Class of 2000

Zayneb Shaikley, Class of 2000. UCLA (BA, Political Science) 2004. USC (JD) 2007.
“I began attending City of Knowledge the year it was founded, 1994, and stayed until 2000, when I was a member of its first high school graduating class. I had a wonderful experience with the school, both academically and socially. The classes were extremely rigorous and we were offered various AP courses. Now, 10 years later, I understand that many new AP courses have been added and the high school classes are all UC-approved. The school also allowed us to develop our religious understanding and identity in an environment where prayer, fasting, and other religious practices were the norm. By the time I began college I was academically prepared and comfortable enough with my religious identity to practice Islam without the support of the school. Also, my closest friends today are my friends from City of Knowledge. I have very fond memories of the six years I spent at the school, and am sure they were a great factor in paving my path to a successful future.”

Soha Yassine, Class of 2001

Soha Yassine, Class of 2001. UCLA (BA, Study of Religion). Currently attending Claremont Graduate University.
“I attended City of Knowledge starting in the 10th grade. I had less than a 2.9 GPA upon my entry; however, the faculty and staff instilled confidence within me and encouraged me to work hard to become one the first college graduates in my family. I also knew very little about Islam. With the high expectation for excellence, rigorous academic program, and individualized attention from teachers, I developed into a very strong candidate for college admissions. I gained entry to many UCs and graduated from UCLA in 2005. I am currently working on a Master’s in Islamic Studies from Claremont Graduate University. I never thought I would ever even go to college; I can not understate the impact City of Knowledge has had on my academic, spiritual, and personal life.”

Omid Rahnama, Class of 2007

Omid Rahnama, Class of 2007. Currently attending UCLA.
“In retrospect, I can confidently say that bringing me to City of Knowledge was, without a doubt, one the best decision my parents have ever made. I graduated from City of Knowledge in 2007. Currently, I am in the process of obtaining a bachelors degree from UCLA. I must say, City of Knowledge, with its rigorous curriculum, truly prepared me for the caliber of my current educational endeavors. City of Knowledge isn’t just some high school I attended back in the day, it’s who I am. The friends I made have become family, and the lessons I learned (i.e. religious, social) are ones which I implement in my life today. I’ve got a lot of love for this school.”

Humna Khan

Humna Khan. CSULA (B.S. Graphic Communications Technology, B.S. Business Administration), 2006.  CSULA (M.S. Computer Information Systems), 2008. CSUDH (M.S. Quality Assurance for Engineering), in progress.
“Attending City of Knowledge has been the one of the greatest assets to my success in my academics and career, and especially in building my personality as a young Muslim woman. I gained a culture that resonates in the major decisions I make in my life and I inherited a family that continues to support me greater than any other outside source. Further I learned values, principles and ideals that have shaped my character to that of one with confidence and a yearning to continuously learn about my faith and implement it in all aspects of my life.”

Anonymous, Class of 2003. UC graduate.
“City of Knowledge created a safe zone for me to grow and identify myself as a Muslim during critical years in my development. As a result, I graduated with an unshakable backbone as a Muslim-American, who contributes to society while remembering my values.”